Hey, I am Rico.

After 30 years in software development, I've kept growing and I'm still  learning. Particularly when it comes to overcomplicating architectures  and all the options out there. Most of the time, simpler is better.

Why "fluxcoder"?

I've had a few questions about why I chose the name 'fluxcoder' for my blog. Here's the scoop: 'Flux' signifies continuous flow and change. Imagine a river that's always in motion; that's the essence of 'flux'. And 'coder'? That's someone who writes code, like yours truly. When you merge these concepts, 'fluxcoder' embodies a coder who's perpetually growing, learning, and adapting. I opted for this name to highlight that I'm not just your average coder, but one always attuned to the ever-shifting tech landscape.



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